Differences Between Nations In World Of Tanks Game

Most beginners have a question regarding on which nation they should choose first. There is no a simple answer. Each nation has its pros and cons. Let’s reveal some of them, so your gameplay becomes better as soon as possible.

  • USA- These tanks are superb when it comes to rough terrain battles and to advanced gun depression. Reload and fire rates are medium or advanced. The only drawback is the side armor on most vehicles, especially heavies, while medium ones have a slow top speed.
  • Germany- These tanks are the best in the area of accuracy. Most of them are accurate as snipers. Tank destroyers are also some of the best in the game. A common drawback is side armor.
  • China- The first tanks are based on the tech of other nations, so there are no upgrades. Later tanks are slightly better and more powerful. Another issue is low gun depression, which made them unsuccessful in high hill terrains.
  • USSR- Tanks from the Soviet Union are rough, tough and damage makers. They have some of the highest damage rates, but they feature a slow reload rate and poor accuracy.
  • France- They are very powerful, especially heavy tanks, but most of them lack maneuverability and they are slow.
  • UK- United Kingdom tanks are versatile in the lack of a better word. Most of them have great penetration capabilities and most of them are powerful. Almost each tank suffers from weak armor.

All nations have one thing in common. The first tanks are weak and relatively powerless. World of Tanks Hack helps you acquire any tank, from each nation you choose, so your gameplay will be improved, without the need to save EX and gold for purchasing new tanks. The hack also allows you to try any tank you want, from any tier.