International Car Shipping – A Car Shipping Guide

Car transport across the continent is not only possible in these days, it is also easy. Contact Intercede Auto Transport Scott Peters for your car shipping service. With today’s technology, international car shipping is relatively easy compared to what has been used. Communication technologies are flawless and you can also track your car online.

This condition, the international transport ship has seen a large increase recently. Many people find it useless to sell their car, especially if it’s their baby when they need to move to another country. Another reason not to sell a car is when it is still pretty new and buying a new one is expensive for you right now.

If you are planning to move abroad, there are a few things to know about sending a car, so read it. In this article, I will give you some tips that you can follow to send your car to an international border without interruption. Here are some tips:

  1. Common services

With regard to the international carriage of wagons, the standard service is the rolling method, also known as the rolling method. In this kind of service, all you need to do is run your car on the cargo deck of the ship. Once there, it is securely attached and that’s it, just go to your suite and wait until you arrive. Once you arrive, you take your car off the boat and then you are ready to leave. That’s why we call it rolling.

  1. Closed container

Your other option is to use a closed container. It’s a small price but it offers a lot of protection for your car. If you choose this option, your car will be placed in a closed container and securely fastened. The real benefit of closed containers against rolling is that your vehicle is not exposed to natural elements.

  1. Insurance policy

An insurance policy is something you need to make sure you have when shipping your car abroad. If you do not have money, you can get a range of $ 500 for standard cosmetic damage. If you want full coverage, you need to get marine insurance for higher prices. One thing you should avoid is to send your car without a cover because it’s not only illegal, it’s also dangerous.

  1. Determine the different taxes

When crossing international borders, you must know the levies of different countries. At this point, you will need to decide whether it is possible to sell your vehicle or continue the car shipping process because taxes can make a general cost too high. For example, countries like Australia and France charge customs fees at 30% of the cost of the Blue Book car. Intercede Auto Transport Scott Peters offer best price.

  1. Other reminders

Make sure you are present during the pre-shipment inspection and after shipping. This is important because all current damage to your vehicle must be clearly spelled. You must have your own copy of the bill of lading because you will need it when it comes to your car.

If you know these things, you will find that international car shipping is not really difficult. Remember, you do not have to sell your car sooner if you have to move abroad because international shipping is safe and secure.